How It Works

924 View to Studio Left Claytopia Erie PA

Choose your pottery

*Huge selection ranging from $5 to $99 

Choose your paint colors

*Hourly Studio Fee:

$4/hour age 12 & under

$6/hour age 13 & over. Take time planning, studio fee starts when painting begins.

Time to paint!

*Questions, ideas needed? Just ask our friendly staff. As a paint and sip studio, snacks and drinks welcome. We’ll glaze and fire your piece(s) to be ready to pick up in a week.

Smiling Happy Boy Holding Painted Pottery Plates

It’s always the perfect time to plan for fun times and memory making on your own or with family and friends. Whether you’re looking to paint for or with the kiddos or thinking to add some new details to decorate your home, Claytopia is a relaxing and calm place to paint!

As seasons change and holidays shuffle, know that you’ll see the newest, trendiest bisque shapes available front and center in the studio for you.

Platters, Bowls, trendy mugs & plates, figurines for adults and kids and household items are always a hit and always in stock for you! We love to see new pieces too so always feel free to pop in to see what’s new to you!

“Our latest visit to Claytopia was fantastic. We visited the first weekend in December, made a reservation and had a very nice relaxed and safe time.”

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Why does it take so long to pick up my piece(s)?

After you’re finished painting your piece, we allow it to dry completely before we apply an over glaze to half your piece. When that is dry, we apply over glaze to the other half.  When this is dry, it waits its turn to go into the kiln to make your piece bright, shiny and food-safe.  It will be in the kiln for approximately 24 hours. Then, we need to sand and match up your piece(es) to have them ready for you to pick-up.

Are pieces food-safe?

Yes, our paints (glaze) are non-toxic and the clear glaze we add to your piece makes your piece food-safe.

Do we get a call when pieces are ready?

Nope, your piece(s) will be ready in a week after they are painted, just come in to pick them up.

Do You Offer Shipping?

From out of town or aren’t able to return to pick up your pieces as quickly as you want? We DO offer shipping in 2 sizes for your finished piece(s). Please ask in studio to check out the pricing & sizes that we’re happy to ship when paid ahead. Shipping is through USPS, is quick and includes insurance up to $50.

Can I put my piece on hold?

Yes!  We can hold your piece for a short time till you’re able to come back to finish painting.  We’d also be happy to provide a box or bag for you to take your piece(s) home and you can bring them back with you the next time you paint.  Due to limited storage space, we routinely go through pieces that are “on hold” and let you know if it will need to be picked up.

Can I order pieces you don’t have in stock?

Yes, we’re happy to search for a piece for you and you’re welcome to place a special-order.  Special orders take at least 2 weeks and must be pre-paid.

Do we need reservations?

Reservations are never necessary for regular pottery painting but are always welcome.  We ask that you allow yourself at least an hour before closing time to allow yourself enough time to paint.  Classes and special events, however, often require reservations to assure we have saved enough pieces/spots. Parties during the weekends also need to be scheduled ahead and can be booked on our Party page.

Do you allow after hour parties?

There are times that we are able to offer parties after hours.  Please call or Email to inquire.

Will you do lettering for me or add something to my piece?

Your finished masterpiece is your own.  If you’re looking for a custom piece or need extra detail to be added to your piece, we’re happy to do that but it will be considered a special-order and an extra fee and extra time will apply.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes!   Some of our most popular events are Claytopia Parties for kids and adults!  Please follow this link for more info.

Do you give donations or offer fundraisers?

Yes, we’re often happy and able to provide small donations for community and non-profit events.  Please stop in or call the studio to inquire.

We’re also happy to offer pre-scheduled fundraisers.  Give a call or stop in to schedule your weekday fundraiser and we’ll give you back 20% of your days’ proceeds.  We also offer tile fundraisers, just ask for more info.

Do you have a party room?

Yes!  You’re welcome to utilize the party room for no additional charge (comfortably seats 24) as long as it is not booked already.

Can we make clay pieces at Claytopia?

We currently do not have any clay forming classes on the calendar and we don’t have pottery wheels. We suggest trying Allen Stoneware or ClaySpace to work with clay.