Paint To-Go Kits

Glaze/Kiln Fired Paint at Home Pre-assembled Kits

Painting pottery in Erie, PA can be done at home too. Order on-line, pick up at Claytopia and paint where it works best for you! Return your piece(s) for firing at your leisure and we’ll fire in the kiln for you. Please allow 24 hours for your order to be filled.

PLEASE Note: These Kits are available for on-line purchase only.

You Choose Bisque! Studio Pick-up/Drop off *Pottery and Glaze colors & amounts purchased when ordering, kiln firing included! Give us a call or stop in to order, pick up 24 hours later!

Claytopia Color Choices
Glaze available in: 2 oz. container: $3.50 1 oz. container: $1.75 1/2 oz. container: .88 1/4 oz. container: .44 Firing included with glaze/piece purchase. No need to be returned.