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How it Works!

   You're the artist at any age!  


1.  Select a piece of unfinished, pre-made POTTERY.  Prices ranges from $5 to $50.  We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

2.  Choose your under glaze paint colors (all are water soluble and non-toxic), and any stamps, stencils, and IDEA books you'd like.

Hourly Studio Fee is $4/hour per child under 13, $6/hour for anyone over 13. 

Feel free to ask our friendly staff any questions to make your painting more simple!

3.  We'll glaze and fire your piece to be ready to pick up in a week.  All fired pieces are food-safe, and microwave and dishwasher safe (although we recommend handling your piece like a work of art).  *No experience needed, just paint and have FUN!

*Reservations are not necessary.  Allow at least one hour to paint before closing time.

*Don't want to wait a week?  We also have ACRYLIC PAINT to use to allow you to take your finished piece(s) with you when you're done painting!  *Acrylic painted pieces will not hold water and are not food-safe.  *We also offer walk-in CANVAS PAINTING and CANVAS CLASSES!


Tuesday:  1/2 price studio fee from 5-9 p.m.      

Thursday:  LADIES NIGHT:  Pay only a $6 studio fee plus the price of your bisque from 5-9 p.m.  Bring your own snacks and any drinks!!!  Come with a group or on your own.  Feel free to call to schedule a reservation.

Paint Pass     

Have a lot of painting planned? A paint pass is for you!

$18 per person for 1 month.
$25 per person for 2 months
$30 per person for 3 months
Or, save even more with a
Family Pass...
Add $10 per person to initial paint pass price.
For example,
a 1 month paint pass for 2 would be $28 and so on...
Bye-bye Studio fees!

To-Go Painting

Now you can buy your own under glaze paints from us in the colors you choose, brushes if you need them, buy your bisque, and bring it back to us to have it fired. What an easy way to cut your costs, include lots of painters, and paint in your spare time. Note: We will only fire pieces that were purchased from Claytopia.

1 ounce: $1.50
 2 ounce: $2.50 
Firing fee upon return: $3.00 per piece-paid upon return


*YMCA Fundraiser Sample in progress...

 Call Claytopia or stop in to schedule your fundraising day and we'll contribute 20% of the day's profits purchased with coupons from your group. Offer is not valid on weekends and must be pre-scheduled. Coupon distribution at Claytopia is prohibited and will result in the forfeiture of your group's entire donation.

Also offering tile fundraising projects, just ask!


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